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Death on the Trip to Abilene - Speak Up

Death on the Trip to Abilene

News headlines: Trekkers die in Nepal avalanche, Oct. 2014. This is a story line that is played out in companies everyday. In Nepal it cost people their lives. In companies the cost is in conflict, resentment, disengagement, career-ending actions and money. Some people tragically lose their life in accidents. It had been snowing in Nepal’s…


Leaders Listening Skills

I’m Surrounded By Dummies & Idiots!

Powerful leaders are often mythologized as stubborn and bull-headed, and that ignoring the advice of others is a virtue. As Freud said: But researchers at NYU’s Stern School of Business conducted a study on the influence of power in decision-making and they confirmed what many employees already know: people with more power listen less, take…


Accountability Is A Team Sport

A woman settles down into the dentist chair. The dentist hovers over her to begin his work. She reaches out to gently squeeze his private parts and says, “We’re not going to hurt each other, are we!” To which he replies. “I’ll do the best I can but there will be some discomfort, so go…

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About Dr. Jim



PhD., DipC

Dr. Jim has trained about 3000 leaders/managers over the years.
He works with companies helping to develop their leaders, managers and followers – in Live, Virtual, Facilitated Workshops that includes virtual 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

He is author of Leadership for Einsteins: How To Bring Out the Genius in People.

Jim was originally trained and worked as a city planner, then moved on to being on faculty at the University of British Columbia. 

Then he went on to obtain an MA and PhD in psychology.
Dr. Jim was in private practice for 21 years before starting a business which grew to $1.2M.

Between the Sexes; The Phallic Imperative: Why Men Are Hard To Get Along With!? and Between the Sexes.

What I Do

Work relationships are often fraught with problems. That’s not the problem. The problem is how to develop and apply the skills needed to deal more productively with those “turbulences.” If you can’t resolve your difficult work relationships, you won’t “get there.”

Subject2Change Coaching has four steps:

  1. Become aware of how your behaviours affect others
  2. Change your behaviours in a strategic, positive way
  3. Prepare for back-at-work “change-back” reactions
  4. Infuse your set of new behaviours with healthier, more productive, career-enhancing approaches.

Subject2change Coaching is distinguished by helping you to:

  1. Build skills by sorting out your troublesome work situations
  2. Address the dynamics of competence and motivation that are required to “get you there.”
  3. Leverage relationships and social interactions
  4. Identify and eliminate any “career derailing” behaviours.
  5. Understand your issues in the context of your organizational culture.
  6. Learn how to establish non-reactive interactions rather than dropping emotional “bombs.”
  7. Make “Painless Account-Ability” part of your managerial skill set.

Developing skills to better deal with “your own stuff” helps you learn how to deal with difficult situations with co-workers, bosses, or customers.

Subject2Change is the ONLY company that delivers live, virtual, interactive business learning experiences with follow-up 1-2-1 private coaching sessions to inoculate against the dreaded “Forgetting Curve.”

Who I Work With

Giant Leap


Vancouver, BC

Healthcare Benefit Trust

Virtual Facilitator Led Leadership for Einsteins

Vancouver, BC

Vivo Team Consulting Inc.

VP of Learning and Application

Vancouver, BC


Virtual Facilitator Led Leadership for Einsteins

Copenhagen, Denmark


Leadership For Einsteins

Vancouver, BC

Cactus Club

Executive Coaching

Vancouver, BC

Gossip About Me

“I have been in relationship with Dr.Jim for over 25 years and have been a client, a business partner and a friend. Jim’s ability and experience allows him to very quickly get to the heart of issues affecting leaders both from a personal and a business perspective. He then provides the ongoing follow-up and coaching to ensure you are following the path to success. There is no one like Dr.Jim….”

Lance Sparling, President, Wakefield Home Builders, former president YPO BC Chapter

“Jim has the ability to create constructive conflict and quickly get to the heart of any issue such that the owner of the problem can see it with absolute clarity.

Peter Clare, Revenue Operations Executive, Talemetry USA

“I’ve worked with Jim in various CEO/Presidents’ leadership groups over the years. Jim has an innate ability to cut through the confusion to help people see and deal with their ‘real’ issues and challenges.”

Randy Bartsch, CEO, Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Group