How Smart Leaders Bring Out the Genius in People

By Jim Sellner, PhD, DipC


sigphotoIncrease your management skills by discovering how to become a more effective, self-aware leader who brings out the genius in people.

Workplaces are prone to interpersonal conflicts, chaos, and disappointments. Leaders ignore those turbulences at their peril. You must develop and apply the skills needed to productively deal with them. The success of your career depends on it.

In Leadership For Einsteins: How Smart Leaders Bring Out The Genius In People. Jim Sellner, PhD, DipC, confronts this challenge by shining a light, not on followers, but on leaders’ behaviors. By addressing managers’ Achilles’ heel – lack of self-awareness – he focuses on the importance of using your different leadership styles to enhance your emotional intelligence.

Are you teaching your employees to act like dummies rather than empowering their genius? Learn how to use the “Video Test” to identify behaviors so employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Discover how to apply the formula –

P = MC3 – in which Performance is a function of Motivation x Competence x Congratulations x Cash.

You’ll learn the six steps to becoming a smarter leader who brings out the genius in people while building a highly productive team.


Why don’t people do what they’re supposed to do?Nominated for the Global eBook Awards 2015

If you’ve ever asked this question, you’ve likely heard the blame placed on the faults of employees. But according to Jim Sellner, PhD, DipC, the hard truth is, it’s because you’re a lousy leader. His follow-up challenge is simply this: Are you willing to do the work to become a smart leader?

If your answer is “yes,” then this hard-hitting instructional guide will teach you how to become a self-aware, emotionally intelligent leader who brings out the best in people. You’ll learn how to improve people’s performance, save time, save money, and cultivate engagement while increasing your team’s success.

Discover the formula for increasing performance. Dig into Leadership For Einsteins so you can bring out the very best in yourself and your employees – should you choose to take the assignment.

“For any manager who sees room for improvement at work, Leadership for Einsteins is the best place to start. Dr. Sellner shows how you can elevate your emotional intelligence in order to lead your team and organization to new heights of success.  Research-based and practical, Leadership for Einsteins shows you exactly what you can change at work and what you can’t. Using the science behind human performance, Dr. Sellner shows you how to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a leader; you can then leverage this new awareness to bring out the very best in all of your employees as well as yourself!”
~ Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times and global bestseller, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. Also a Thinkers 50 Top Ten Global Business Thinker and top-ranked executive coach.


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The Science of Human Performance: The Skill & Will of Getting Things Done On Time Every Time

By Jim Sellner, PhD, DipC

Account-Ability: The Science of Human PerformanceOrganizations are desperately searching for ways to help people to contribute to the success and profitability of the enterprise.

Account-Ability: The Science of Human Performance is a practical playbook that will help you shape the future of account-ability on your team. It moves you past the outdated, ineffective ways of trying to increase performance improvement. Account-ability is about unleashing people’s unique talents so you can achieve amazing levels of engagement. Account-Ability ultimately produces positive business results – in both people and profits.

Why read this book?
You can’t just read the book. You have to learn it, practice it and apply the the very practical steps to painless account-ability improvement. Included in the price of the book is a one-to-one executive account-ability coaching session with Dr. Jim. Do not bother to buy this book unless you are truly interested in increasing your employees’ productivity by $5,000 for every one that you pay $50,000.

Account-ability does not come about by accident; it requires skill and will. This book provides a clear roadmap to developing a culture of account-ability. It explains what to do, why do it, how to do it and how to keep it going. Are you up for the challenge to experience more joy and profit?

This book will…
Introduce leaders, managers, supervisors, coaches, project managers – anyone who works with people – to a new way of working together.

Account-Ability: The Science of Human Performance provides a diagnostic approach, with pragmatic corrective interventions for people who have tried to develop a culture of workplace account-ability but have not achieved their desired results

Account-Ability will be of interest to:

Leaders and managers who know there is something beyond the “carrot-and-stick” and are struggling to find it. Those that want to unleash people’s unique talents within their teams in order to reach new levels of engagement and performance.

Team members who are frustrated with the current ways of working that are not enabling them to contribute in ways they know they could. Anyone, really, who recognizes that if you’re not improving, you’re falling behind.

Most of us have a negative experience with accountability. Its negative, usually punishing – usually when something has gone wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way.

At the core of Dr. Jim’s message is the idea that when people take personal ownership of their organization’s goals and accept responsibility for their own performance, they become more invested and work at a higher level to ensure not only their own success, but everyone’s. Now more than ever, Account-Ability is vital to anyone charged with obtaining results. It is a must have, must read, and must apply practical business book. Read the book, then contact Dr. Jim for your free virtual one-to-one executive account-ability coaching session.


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About the Author

Jim_Sellner_Leadership_Book (1)Jim Sellner, PhD, DipC, has forty years experience learning, practicing, and playing the leadership game. With his breadth of degrees and careers, his expertise is deep. He holds an MA in city planning, an MA in humanistic psychology and Eastern philosophies, a PhD in psychology, and a DipC in individual and group coaching. He’s worked as a city planner, a faculty member at a major university, and as co-owner of a business.

Dr. Jim, as co-founder of a small business that organized forums for CEOs looking to grow personally and professionally, for 10 years, worked with executives on a monthly basis. He grew the business from zero to $1.2 million. He’s done extensive training with the Ken Blanchard Companies, facilitated retreats for Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), and the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise. Clients from all around the world use his executive coaching services.




“I’ve worked with Jim in various CEO/Presidents’ leadership groups over the years. Jim has an innate ability to cut through the confusion to help people deal with ‘real’ issues.”

Randy Bartsch, CEO, Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Corp.


“Jim’s leadership is incredibly helpful in my business. His program shows how different people require different management styles to be most effective. He shows how you can get the best out of your employees. I recommend Jim’s work to our team.”

Andrew Bradley, Blackcomb Aviation


“Jim has the ability to create constructive conflict and quickly get to the heart of any issue so the owner of the problem can see it with absolute clarity.”

Peter Clare, Revenue Operations Executive, Talemetry USA


“I have worked with Dr. Jim for 25 years. Jim quickly gets to the heart of issues affecting leaders. He then provides the ongoing follow-up and coaching to ensure you are following the path to success. There is no one like Dr. Jim.”

Lance Sparling, President, Wakefield Home Builders, former president YPO BC Chapter