Men & Women in the Workplace

The CBC, Jian Ghomeshi and A Fear-Filled Workplace

This week has been particularly bad for the exposing of men’s bad behaviours towards women in the workplace. Adding to the turmoil at the CBC surrounding Ghomeshi’s alleged antics, the leader of the Liberal party suspended two of his members for apparently (not yet proven) behaving inappropriately toward other female members of parliament. We also…

Death on the Trip to Abilene - Speak Up

Death on the Trip to Abilene

News headlines: Trekkers die in Nepal avalanche, Oct. 2014. This is a story line that is played out in companies everyday. In Nepal it cost people their lives. In companies the cost is in conflict, resentment, disengagement, career-ending actions and money. Some people tragically lose their life in accidents. It had been snowing in Nepal’s…